Reason Why Sleeping or Lying On Your Stomach Is Prohibited In Islam

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Lying or Sleeping on your stomach is disliked by Allah (SWT), this was indicated by Muhammad Prophet (PBUH) on an occasion.

Many people ask if “Is it haram to sleep on your stomach in Islam?” the simple answer is YES! this is proven by the hadith of Sahih Sahih (Al-Albani) that Allah dislikes the people who are lying and sleeping on his or her stomach. There is a lot of wisdom in all the things that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) said and did, Shaikh told that in TIME Magazine, it was also mentioned that sleeping and lying on your belly can harm your backbone which would create a great hassle for you in your life.

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And the prohibition of this style was in the doctor’s recommendation box at the end of the magazine. Quran and Sunnah are the two vital things that all of us have to follow to lead a happy and healthy life. Islam has touched each and every topic, from keeping your wife happy to things to do when a child is born and now this topic we are addressing to our audience.

is it haram to sleep on your stomach islam

In this video, the Shaikh told how bad it is even scientifically to sleep on your stomach or lying on your belly. Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) directed us this almost 1,400 years ago. Everything that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAWW) said has been proven scientifically in today’s world.

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Watch the video below to clarify this topic:

Make sure you share this post with your family and friends, let them know how bad it is to sleep or lay on your stomach, the Shaikh has proven it medically that it is not good, so spread the word, even if a single person stops doing it, the whole reward will be on you.

JazakAllah, May Allah bless all of us, Ameen!

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