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12 Years Old, Raadeyah Aamir, Shortlisted for NASA Internship Program

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Raadeyah Aamir, 12 years old selected for the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) internship program, named as youngest Muslim ever to get into NASA.

Raadeyah Aamir belongs from Karachi city of Pakistan and studies in 8th grade at British Overseas School in Karachi. Raadeyah will visit the Kennedy Space Center for one-week internship program by NASA for the Astronaut Training Experience.

United States Embassy confirmed this news by posting it on their Facebook page.

Raadeyah Aamir will be attending a week program at NASA for Astronaut Training Experience, as 12 years old Pakistani student has been selected for this program.

United States Embassy written on Facebook

Raadeyah will get trained within a group of 26 individuals. The session will include Astronaut Simulation training and Micros gravity spacewalk. The major reason for this internship is to motivate young astronauts to experience what it is like to be in space.

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So when the time comes, Raadeyah will be able to handle the pressure, experience and techinicalities involves within an astronaut’s life has to go through every journey they make from earth to space.

Raadeyah Aamir becomes the youngest Muslim girl to get into NASA

People all around the world writing their greetings to Raadeyah for her success as getting into NASA is one tough job done. Not just it, but this gesture is making the Muslim world proud of her achievement as being a woman never stopped her from achieving what she wants to achieve.

This is indeed a proud moment for the parents and for the people who trained her, we wish Raadeyah to flourish in her career and do go for the humanity and show the positivism and the intellect Muslims carry within them to prove the world that we are not less than anyone else in the world.

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Write the greetings in the comments section below so Radeeyah can read what you guys think about her achievement.

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A big respect from your Muslim brothers in Senegal .
May Allah guide your steps.