Qatari Muslims can still perform Hajj in Saudi Arabia

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Qatari Muslims was said to have banned from performing Hajj due to the unrest in middle eastern countries and Qatar, but now they can perform HAJJ FREELY!

Qatari Muslims will have the capacity to visit Saudi Arabia for Haj and Umrah notwithstanding the cut in conciliatory relations.

The Saudi Press Agency on Monday affirmed that Saudi Arabia is focused on giving all offices and administrations to Qatari explorers.

The affirmation was made after the news of Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain, nd Egypt who all declared they would pull back their discretionary staff from Qatar.

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Each of the four states said they wanted to cut air and ocean activity, while Saudi Arabia said it additionally would close its property outskirt with Qatar.

The UAE has given Qatar’s political mission in Abu Dhabi 48 hours to leave the nation.

Qatari residents were additionally educated that they had 14 days to leave the UAE, while natives from Qatar have likewise been prohibited from going through the UAE.

Emiratis are presently restricted from going to or notwithstanding going by Qatar through all methods.

  • In numbers

In 2016, 1,325,372 outside and 537,537 household travelers performed Haj, making an aggregate of 1,862,909 explorers. This was the least number of pioneers recorded over the most recent 10 years.

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More than 2.4 million Muslims played out the Haj journey in 2007, as indicated by reports.

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