Blast In Pakistan Causes The Loss Of 200+ Innocent Lives

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Mastung: The number of martyrdoms in the blast took place in over 200 during the corner of the Balochistan Public Party (BAP) meeting in Mastung, while around 350 people were injured.

Hundreds of houses, including the heart of Mugham Suraj Rassani, were lost on the Mastung.

According to sources, the explosion near Darinagar in Baluchistan Province of Baluchistan occurred in the Balochistan People’s Party campaign when Nawabzada Siraj was standing for the raisani speech! The suicide bomber blew himself in the Jalilah area.

Due to a suicide bomb, former Chief Minister Balochistan Nawab Aslam Raisani’s younger brother Siraj Rassani killed 259 people and injured 250 people.

The blast was so important that bodies and injured goats were killed in the pandal, relief activities started, many people were killed on the spot as hundreds of people including Nawabzada Siraj Rassani were injured.

The number of deaths has been increased during the rescue operations, Siraj Rassani was shifted to the hospital in a critical condition, he was not martyred by the injured and Siraj Rai ssaini was also martyred.

Due to a far-reaching area, the patients delayed medical aid, which caused a major increase in the deaths.

Rescue teams moved the injured to Mastung and Quetta hospitals where the scene was the scene and people were tears in the memory of their loved ones, 350 injured in the hospital are still underway.

After the incident, the security forces have surrounded the area and surrounded the area with explosives, to investigate, according to the Bomb Disposal Squad, 16 to 20kg explosives were used in the blast.

After the explosion, the emergency was implemented in Quetta’s government hospitals while Balochistan Chief Minister Baluchistan Al-Mujadideen Miri condemned the attack on Siraj Rassani’s caravan in Mastung while demanding a report from Deputy Commissioner Mastung.

The martyrdom of Shaheed Siraj Raisani will be paid today in Quetta, in the graveyard of Taffin Kank.

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