Report confirms Uyghur Muslims chained with tiger chains, getting tortured and sterilized

Report confirms Uyghur Muslims chined with tiger chains getting tortured and sterilized
Photo by TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP via Getty Images

An independent London on Friday attempts to examine charges that Beijing is practising genocide in the Xijiang region. They heard that Uyghur Muslims were shackled with “tiger chains”, tortured, sterilized; Uyghur women got raped and live in fear under surveillance and violence.

In four days, The Uyghur Tribunal is expected to hear dozens of testimonies. Campaigners hope this will be the most comprehensive public investigations since this allegation of abuses against Muslim in Chine emerged around 3 years ago.

Beijing started an aggressive public relations campaign to fight such accounts, attempted to undermine Uyghur Tribunal regularly, even use words like “farce” and a “special machine producing lies” to describe the proceedings.

The Chinese government says their efforts towards the Muslim community in the Xinjiang Region, the Kazakhs, and other minority Islamic groups attempt to bring them into a more modern and civilized world.

However, the Tribunal has been ordered to hear from various first-person accounts of victims of alleged forced sterilization and rape, torture, arbitrary detention and arrest, mass surveillance and intimidation, and the forced separation of children from their parents.

According to the Uyghur Transitional Justice Database ( UTJD ) even on the first day The Tribunal already heard that there are 232 concentration camps, 257 prisons, and also 5,567 people are missing in Xinjiang.

Omar Bekali, one of the first people to speak out publicly about his experience in a re-education camp In China’s Xinjiang region, giving evidence to the hearing, said that he was tortured, tied up with chains, he also told how a hood covered his head. A policeman took him to a hospital to run a full body examination while his hood was still on.

He was also later taken to a police station basement to be tortured and forced to confess to three crimes he had never committed before. He immediately denied everything.

He told the Tribunal via translator said “Experiencing horror non-stop makes you wonder whether these people are human”.

The Tribunal is independent, and any government does not back them. Even though its determination is not legally binding, the panel still hopes that the final results of this investigations will help governments around the world evaluate their ties with China.

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