Umrah Suspended From June 23 Due To Hajj 2022

Umrah Suspended From June 23 Due To Hajj 2022

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced that the issuance of Umrah permits would be temporarily suspended starting June 23, or the 24th of Dhul qidh in the Islamic calendar.

The suspension of the issuance of the Umrah permit will be extended for up to 26 days, i.e. the issuance is likely to restart on July 19, coinciding with the 20th of Dhul Hijjah, which is right after the end of the Hajj season.

The Ministry announced this new regulation through a statement posted on the official Haramain Sharifain’s Twitter account, @hsharifain, on Saturday, June 19 local time while answering frequently asked questions (FAQ) by prospective pilgrims who will perform this year’s Hajj. The Ministry explained that the suspension of the issuance of the Umrah permit is part of the Hajj 2022 preparations.

Furthermore, the Saudi Gazette reports that this regulation affects the nomination of Hajj in a different city from the pilgrims’ city, where pilgrims can use the e-track of pilgrims from within the Kingdom or through the Earmarna application to communicate with the Hajj company whose data is available in the reservation details to agree on transportation matters that suit the needs of the pilgrims.

In addition, it was also explained that after the pilgrims made payment and after the Hajj nomination, then pilgrims would no longer be able to change the package or add a companion, but could still ask about their package and can also confirm or cancel the reservation.

The ministry also stipulates that pilgrims can identify the name of the campaign by asking questions via the e-track of pilgrims from within Saudi Arabia, as well as through the Eatmarna application.

The Ministry noted that non-fulfillment of one of the requirements for the 2020 Hajj registration could result in the refusal of the Mahram (male guardian) in the annual pilgrimage.

Another question that is also asked by many prospective pilgrims this year is regarding the reasons why they are nominated for a different package from the package they previously chose.

Regarding this, the Ministry explained that because not all the packages that were selected were available, that is why some pilgrims were nominated via e-draw for the other packages available.

The ministry said pilgrims had the option of accepting or rejecting the request.

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