Saudi Arabia Started Seizing Rainbow-Themed Accessories

Saudi Arabia Started Seizing Rainbow Themed Accessories

Saudi authorities have seized rainbow-colored toys and children’s clothing, claiming they encourage homosexuality, state TV reports.

Several items were removed from Riyadh shops, according to a report by Al-Ekhbariya.

These included hair clips, pop-it notes, t-shirts, hats, and pencil cases.

According to an official, the items are “contrary to the Islamic faith and public morals, and promote homosexual colors that target the younger generation.”

Separately, the Commerce Ministry said its teams confiscated “products containing symbols and signs defying common sense.”

Shopkeepers who were selling the products would be prosecuted.

Qatari authorities announced in December that they confiscated rainbow-colored pop-it toys and other toys from shops because they “contravene Islamic values.”

According to the country’s interpretation of Islamic law, consensual same-sex sexual conduct is punishable by death or flogging, depending on the severity of the offense.

A man is also prohibited from “behaving like a woman” or wearing a woman’s clothes and conducting an online activity that infringes on “public order, religious values, public morals, and privacy.”

According to the AFP news agency, Disney’s new animated film Lightyear, which includes a same-sex kiss, was also banned in Saudi Arabia.

The kingdom’s two leading cinema chains have not advertised screenings, but officials have not confirmed such plans.

According to the United Arab Emirates culture ministry, Lightyear has been banned for violating the country’s media content standards.

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