Mike Tyson and DJ Khaled Performed Umrah in Makkah

dj khaled mike tyson umrah

Mike Tyson, a former professional boxer, and DJ Khaled, a renowned American rapper, were recently spotted performing Umrah in Makkah. In a heartfelt caption, they shared a glimpse of their visit on Instagram.

I began to cry as soon as I stepped into Mecca. There are tears of joy in my eyes. It has always been my dream to visit Mecca for prayer and to express gratitude to Allah. During my prayers, I prayed for more love, life, peace, joy, health, and protection for everyone in the world.

DJ Khaled

Additionally, Khaled revealed on Instagram that Mike Tyson, who apparently accepted Islam in 1992, was present during the pilgrimage.

Khaled captioned the picture, “We are traveling to Makkah. May Allah bless my brother Mike Tyson and his father as well. More love, more blessings, more life for everyone.”

The Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was also spotted performing Umrah in Makkah earlier this month. Videos of him wearing a rida, an izar, and a face mask have gone viral.

As well as confirming his presence on Twitter, Saud Hafiz wrote: “Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan performed Umrah in Mecca today. May Allah SWT accept his Umrah, Ameen.”

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