Umrah Permits Resume As Hajj 2024 Concludes

After the successful Hajj 2024, those who want to embark on the Umrah journey can book their slots on Nusuk.
people doing tawaf around masjid al haram
Photo: Zawawi Rahim

After a successful Hajj 2024, Saudi Arabia has announced the resumption of Umrah permits. This means Muslims can once again travel to Makkah to perform Umrah.

This year’s Hajj saw a big jump in pilgrims compared to the past two years. Over 1.8 million people were able to safely complete Hajj rituals.

Hajj Minister Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah said, “Our goal is to make sure everyone has a safe and meaningful experience, for both Hajj and Umrah.”

Unlike Hajj, which happens at a specific time each year, Umrah, also known as the minor pilgrimage, can be done anytime.

This is great news for many Muslims who’ve been waiting to perform Umrah. With travel restrictions due to Hajj season, pilgrims can now plan their trips to fulfill this important religious duty.

Just remember, it is important to check the latest requirements from Saudi Arabia before you go. This might include visa applications, vaccination documents, and any quotas they might have in place to keep things smooth and safe for everyone.

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