1.8 Million Pilgrims Perform Hajj 2024

183,316 pilgrims attended the annual hajj this year.
day of arafah 2024
Photo: Huda Bashatah

This year more than 1.8 million pilgrims from all around the world performed Hajj. Among the attendees, 183,316 pilgrims participated, with 52% being men and 48% women.

Pilgrims had arrived in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by air, sea, and land. The pilgrims started their journey from Makkah to Mina to Arafah and then Muzdalifa, then Rami al-Jamaraat, performing slaughter and then moving towards farewell tawaf.

Pilgrims also listened to the Hajj 2024 Khutbah and then performed the Dhuhr and Asr prayer combined.

The Saudi authorities worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth operation of Hajj, implementing advanced technologies and comprehensive services to support the pilgrims. From free Wi-Fi at key locations to emergency medical services and efficient transportation, every effort was made to enhance the pilgrims’ experience and ensure their safety.

Additionally, the deployment of drones for road inspections and the introduction of the Nusuk Wallet for secure financial transactions showcased Saudi Arabia’s commitment to integrating modern technology with the timeless traditions of Hajj.

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