Hajj 2024: Ministry of Health Worker Dies In Mina

In a sad announcement, the Ministry of Health confirmed the passing of one of their workers, Abdullah Al-Harithi in Mina.
hujjaj in mina 2024

This heartbreaking news comes during the busy Hajj season.

Thousands of healthcare workers are tirelessly dedicated to the health and safety of millions of pilgrims performing Hajj in Mina, and one of these dedicated professionals has tragically passed away.

Abdullah Al-Harithi

Abdullah Al Harithi

Details about the cause of death haven’t been released yet.

During Hajj, Mina transforms into a bustling metropolis of tents, welcoming millions of pilgrims. This dense crowd creates a massive healthcare challenge. Dedicated medical professionals work around the clock to manage emergencies, provide medical care, and ensure every pilgrim receives the treatment they need.

Even amidst this tragic loss, the Ministry of Health in Mina remains steadfast. Their mission to provide top-notch medical care to all pilgrims continues. As Hajj moves forward, their focus remains on the health and safety of every pilgrim on their spiritual journey.

The Ministry urges both pilgrims and staff to follow safety guidelines and cooperate with health directives. This ensures a secure environment for everyone involved in this sacred pilgrimage.

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