During Umrah, Syrian Mother Reunited With Her Children After 11 Years

After years of separation due to the devastating war in Syria, the mother and children reunited with hugs and tears in Makkah.
syrian mother reunited with children

Syrian woman and children reunited in Makkah after 11 years.

A Syrian woman and her children were happily reunited in the holy city of Makkah after a painful separation of 11 years due to the ongoing conflict in their homeland, Syria. The family met with a large amount of tears and hugs which caught widespread attention.

The emotional moment was captured in a video shared on social media, where the young boy, dressed in the traditional white clothing worn by Muslim pilgrims during the Umrah, rushed to his mother near the revered Grand mosque in Makkah.

A heartwarming scene unfolded as other family members joined in, creating a heart-touching moment filled with tears of happiness and relief. Social media users have commented that the meeting took more than a decade after the war in Syria broke up.

Makkah attracts Muslims from Syria and elsewhere to perform Umrah and worship at the Masjid-al-Haram, especially during the holy month of Ramadan.

The kingdom is home to approximately 449,000 Syrians seeking refuge from the devastating war that has devastated their country, according to data published by the Saudi Bureau of Statistics in May. Since March 2011, Syrians have been forced to take shelter due to war.

The Arab League’s resolution to readmit Syria into its membership following an 11-year suspension represented a notable diplomatic milestone.

This decision ultimately facilitated the participation of Syrian President Bashar Al Assad at an annual Arab summit hosted by Saudi Arabia, marking his inaugural attendance since 2010.

After February 2023, a giant earthquake hit Syria and it was witnessed that the Arab countries displayed solidarity. Saudi officials visited the war-torn country to show their support and solidarity.

The goodwill gesture signaled a step towards healing and reconciliation between the country and its people, eventually paving the way for Syria’s integration into Arab society.

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