Students protesting in Karnataka, India over Hijab ban in all educational institution

Students protesting in Karnataka

Muslim students have been protesting for a few days in the Southern Indian province of Karnataka over a ban Hijab in all educational institutions of India. Karnataka Education Minister BC Nagesh has won them in this regard.

Last Saturday, Muslim students protested at the gate of Kondapur Vandarkars Arts and Science Degree College in the Udupi district of Karnataka, demanding to wear Hijab in the classroom.

They complained that college security guards prevented them from wearing hijabs when trying to enter the compass.

On the other hand, the Karnataka Education Minister and leader of the ruling party BJP Nagesh has warned that there are attempts to create unrest in the state.

He claimed that the protesters did not wear Hijab before. The protests are aimed at creating unrest after the issuance of administrative directives.

Because of this, the necessary administrative intervention will be taken to keep the situation stable, he said.

In the Udupi district of Karnataka, the administration recently imposed some restrictions on students going to class wearing Hijab. The guidelines state, ‘Students will not be allowed to enter the college campus after wearing Hijab. Scarves can then enter the college campus. However, the color of the scarf will be two colors. No other clothing will be allowed on campus or in the college canteen. ‘

Due to this administrative message, various college authorities have imposed restrictions on Muslim students wearing Hijab.

In January, six Muslim students were barred from attending classes at the government-run Pew Girls’ College in Udupi after wearing the first Hijab. On Wednesday, a new Kundapur Government Junior College student was barred from entering the campus wearing Hijab.

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