251 Golf Carts To Transport Hajj Pilgrims In Masjid al-Haram

A record-breaking number of Muslims will perform Hajj this year. To help the pilgrims with their Hajj journey the Saudi authorities have introduced golf carts in Mecca which will serve 35,000 pilgrims each day.
251 golf carts to serve pilgrims in Mecca
Photo: X.com / HaramainInfo

10,000 manual carts have also been placed at 20 different stops in the Grand Mosque of Mecca.

Saudi authorities in charge of Islam’s two holiest sites are bringing in 251 golf carts to help pilgrims during Hajj at the Grand Mosque in Mecca.

Additionally, the General Authority for the Care of the Two Holy Mosques has placed 10,000 manual carts at 20 different spots within the Grand Mosque and its courtyards. They plan to serve 35,000 people each day, ensuring the distribution process is as efficient as possible.

With the expectation of record-breaking numbers of pilgrims this year, fueled by around 30 million Muslims performing Umrah during Ramadan, over 2 million Muslims from around the world are expected to attend this month’s Hajj.

Almost 1 million Muslims from abroad have already arrived in Saudi Arabia for Hajj, according to Saudi figures.

To help manage this large crowd, Saudi authorities have introduced a new guidance system using digital interactive maps and the “Nusuk” app, making it easier to move around the Grand Mosque.

Hajj is one of the five duties in Islam that Muslims need to do at least once in their life if they can afford it and are healthy enough.

These efforts show a strong dedication to making sure worshippers have a smooth and meaningful pilgrimage experience at Islam’s holiest site.

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