Saudi Security Stops Woman From Raising Palestinian Flag In Front of The Kaaba

Pilgrim’s display of Palestinian flag sparks security intervention, exposing tensions.
Saudi Security Stops Woman From Raising Palestinian Flag In Front of The Kaaba

Saudi security stopped a pilgrim from displaying the Palestinian flag in the Haram in Mecca, as a show of support for Gaza, citing rules against slogans and flags during Hajj and Umrah rituals.

A Turkish woman dressed in ihram attire emerged beside the Kaaba, proudly hoisting the Palestinian flag. Saudi security personnel swiftly approached her, making an effort to prevent her from raising it.

The woman folds the flag and quickly distances herself from the security personnel who have gathered around her, fearing potential arrest, as has been the case in numerous instances.

The fate of the pilgrim woman, as well as whether she was arrested or not, remains unknown, as the video concluded with a gathering of Haram security personnel around her.

The video that was shared did not disclose any details regarding the identity of the pilgrim who proudly hoisted the Palestinian flag within the Haram.

Opposition groups in Saudi Arabia have recently disclosed that pilgrims within the Meccan Haram have been detained for expressing their support for Palestine and showing solidarity with Gaza amidst the Israeli massacres.

Numerous pilgrims from different countries were held in custody at both the Meccan and Medina Harams due to their attire of Palestinian scarves.

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