Outrage As French Gay Imam Said Quran Doesn’t Prohibit Homosexuality

french gay imam Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed
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A video of a French gay “Imam” Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed in France went viral after he made a false claim that the Quran neither spoke nor forbade homosexuality.

The maker of the false claim is known as Dr. Ludovic Mohammed Zahed. He is a French-Algerian “Imam” and Islamic scholar who openly professes to be a gay Muslim.

The false claim issued by the “Gay Imam” quickly went viral on social media and sparked the anger of many Muslims as the claim was proven false. On more than one occasion, the Qur’an mentions that it is a transgression for men to lust after another. It is mentioned in verses 80-81 of Surah Al-A’raf and verse 29 of Surah Al-Ankabut.

Besides claiming that the Quran does not prohibit homosexuality, Ludovic Zahed falsely claimed that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) welcomed a “transgender” man. The claim is also proven wrong, as the word in the hadith is translated as “hermaphrodite,” i.e., a person born with both gender organs, which is biologically different from transgender people.

Recently Ludovic Zahed, who identifies as a “gay imam” also received strong reactions after he was announced as a speaker at a conference in Turkey.

According to local media reports, a speech planned to be delivered at Istanbul’s Brand Week festival at Zorlu Center between November 7-11 by Ludovic Zahed was canceled after anti-LGBT groups in Turkey targeted him.

The cancellations came after hundreds of people attended an anti-LGBT rally on Sunday in Istanbul at the invitation of dozens of conservative associations. Participants were seen holding banners with slogans reading “Protect your family and generation” and urging a ban on associations defending the rights of gay and transgender people, whose demonstrations have been banned in recent years in the country.

Dr. Ludovic Mohammed Zahed trained as a priest in Algeria, but only in Marseille, France, did he dare talk about being gay. Zahed, the so-called “European project” is the founder of France’s first inclusive mosque and the CALEM Institute in Marseille, where he trains new imams in a more progressive Islam.

Ludovic wants an Islam that is more tolerant of the LGBTQ community. He hopes Gay Muslims can live their lives openly without shame and fear. He wants same-sex marriage, a taboo in Islam, to be a breakthrough and even calls it a ‘blessing.’

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