Famous Pakistani Singer Abdullah Qureshi Quits Music For Islam

abdullah qureshi

ISLAMABAD – According to Abdullah Qureshi, he has decided to bid farewell to his music career due to religious reasons. Qureshi shared his reasons for ‘being lost’ on his social media accounts.

Known for his work as a singer, songwriter, and composer, Abdullah Qureshi is a Pakistani musician. Originally from Islamabad, Abdullah gained recognition for his YouTube covers. In addition to his appearance on Nescafé Basement Season 4, Qureshi also performed an original song titled “Awaz Do”.

According to the Dastaan singer, “Alhamdulillah, I am very satisfied with this decision, and I am looking forward to discovering the real truth. My prayer is that Allah make this new journey easy for me.”

According to him, he will no longer appear in ads or perform at concerts. Please do not contact me for those activities. While he expressed gratitude for the endless support and love he received, he concluded his statement by saying, “If I am needed for any appearances or social media campaigns that interest me and fall within the folds of our religion, I would be happy to assist.” 

His early education was received at the Bahria College in Islamabad, where Abdullah Qureshi was born and raised. At the National University of Sciences and Technology, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication. Qureshi began playing in underground rock and metal bands in Islamabad before establishing his own music career.

Abdullah Qureshi announced on 6 October 2022 that he will be leaving the music industry for religious reasons. He announced the news on his Facebook page. There was a great deal of support on social media for Qureshi’s decision.

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