Another son lost: Wael al-Dadouh still won’t leave journalism in Gaza

Wael al Dadouh

GAZA – Another son of Al Jazeera journalist Wael al-Dadouh was killed in an Israeli attack in the Gaza Strip. However, he has announced that he will not stop reporting on Israeli forces’ atrocities in Gaza. He has already lost his wife, son, daughter and grandson. He himself was attacked. But he said that he will not shy away from the responsibility of informing the world about the Israeli atrocities in Gaza.

Al Jazeera reported that two more journalists were systematically killed by Israeli forces on Sunday. One of these two is Hamza Wael Daduh, son of Al-Daduh. The name of the other is Mustafa Thuria. They were killed near Rafa on Sunday. Although they were freelancers, they also worked for Al Jazeera. Another journalist, Hazem Rajab, who was in the car, was seriously injured in the attack.

Al Jazeera’s Gaza bureau chief Wael al-Dadouh was seen with a daughter and another son during the son’s burial on Sunday.

The Israeli army said a Hamas fighter was killed by drone fire while they were traveling in a vehicle.

Witnesses told AFP two rockets were fired at a vehicle carrying journalists. One hit the front of the car, while the other hit Hamza, who was sitting on the driver’s side.

Photojournalist Amer Abu Amr said in a Facebook post that he and another journalist, Ahmed al-Bushar, survived the attack.

According to an AFP journalist, Thuriya and Hamza Rafai went to the scene after an Israeli attack. They were attacked by Israelis on their way back.

Wael Daduh (53) made his debut as the face of Gaza. He appeared on Al Jazeera’s 24-hour coverage in the face of continued Israeli attacks. Not only this time, but in previous Israeli attacks on Gaza, he was seen in a brave position. As a result, he is a familiar face to billions of Arabic speakers. He is often seen wearing a blue helmet and bullet-proof jacket.

Daduh has already lost his wife, two other children and a grandson in the Israeli attack.

At another son’s funeral on Sunday, he refused to give up. He expressed his determination to continue reporting on the war.

“What happens in the Gaza Strip, the whole world must look at,” he said. What is happening here is a terrible injustice to helpless, civilian people. It is also unfair to us as journalists.’

Dadu’s wife, daughter and son were killed in an Israeli attack last October. One of his grandsons was seriously injured in that attack. Later he died. Footage released by Al Jazeera at the time showed him crying in his blue journalistic uniform.

Last December, Daduh was injured in an Israeli attack on a school in Khan Yunis. He narrowly escaped with his life. Al Jazeera cameraman Samer Abu Dakka was killed in that attack.

Al Jazeera alleges that Israel is systematically targeting reporters. He said that they will take all legal steps to prosecute these criminals.

Al Jazeera said in a statement, “We call on the International Criminal Court, governments, human rights organizations and the United Nations to hold Israel accountable for these heinous crimes.”

At least 70 Palestinian reporters have been killed in Gaza since October 7. In addition, journalists from many other countries have been killed.

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