Mudassir Alam, 16, Who Got Killed During Protest Against Anti-Prophet Remarks, Gets First Position In Class 10

Mudassir Alam

Mohammad Mudassir Alam, 16, who was recently killed by alleged police firing during a protest in Ranchi against controversial remarks on Prophet Mohammed, scored 66 percent in his class 10 examination.

Alam was one of the 225, 854 students who achieved first division in the exam, according to the results announced on Tuesday.

Despite all odds, Alam fought

He came from a poor family. Mohammed Parvez Alam is a vegetable vendor. Together with his parents, he lived in a one-room house.

He managed to secure first division despite his poverty, but unfortunately, the results were not released until after he died.

Nikhat Parween, Alam’s mother, wondered, “why were they so cruel to my only son?”? Is it possible to live without him? “This year, he took his matriculation examinations, and his results are due this week.”.

Nikhat Parween asked in an interview with Aaj Tak, ‘Is raising a slogan like ‘Islam Zindabad’ a crime?’. In her statement, she blamed the Modi government for her son’s death, proclaiming that “Islam zindabad tha, Islam zindabad hai, Islam zindabad rahinga”.

In addition, Parween said, “I am proud of my son for giving his life for Islam.”. “He has sacrificed himself for the Prophet”. Then she added, “Nothing can stop Islam!”.

In an interview with BBC Hindi, Parween recalled the last phone call she had with her son. “I was talking to him,” she said. He said, “Mommy, I’m leaving right now, disconnect the phone.”.” A few hours later, Parween heard from Alam’s friend that he had been shot.

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