Father of Four, Yassir Alam, Killed By a Gang In UK

Father of Four, Yassir Alam, Killed By a Gang In UK

Yassir Alam was brutally murdered by the gang of 8 people, after they mistaken him for someone else. The gang has been held by police.

Father of four was brutally killed by a group of machete-wielding, 7 to 8 people who stood there outside a Chinese Restaurant in the West Midlands. After Yassir came out, the gang mistaken him for someone they were looking for and beaten him to death, DailyMail reported.

Yassir Alam was just 34, lived in Nelson in Lancashire, United Kingdom. He was a cousin who was visiting his family in Dudley when he encountered a van approaching near him, and 7 to 8 men came out of the car having lethal weapons in their hands.

Seeing people beating Yassir, the Costcutter store owner tried to run away but was caught by a gang member who later stabbed the store owner three times to death.

His brother Sultan Alam wrote on Facebook;

I have never seen a Dead body. My family travelled 120 miles from home to see the dead body. And it is heartbreaking to realize that the men who these people have killed was the father of four little children.

Sultan Alam while talking to Daily mail

The police confirmed that the men were in their twenties. Meanwhile, the major gang member Nabeel Chaudhary was charged for the murder of Yassir Alam.

Yassir left behind a widow and four children;

  1. Adil (13 years old).
  2. Malaika (11 years old).
  3. Azaan (8 years old).
  4. Hasan (4 years old).

Yassir’s mother still can not believe that he is gone, while talking to the Daily Mail she said he was a very humble person, what had happened to him has completely broke her.

Police have said that they are investigating the incident and are actively arresting people who are linked with this crime, and will update the family as soon as they get any leads.

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