Makkah Police Arrests Three For Fake Hajj Campaign

There is an ongoing fake hajj campaign running to lure people towards financial fraud.
Makkah Police Arrests Three For Fake Hajj Campaign

Makkah Police arrested 3 people for publishing fake and misleading Hajj campaign advertisements providing housing for pilgrims and transporting them inside the holy sites for deception and deception.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah of Saudi Arabia has been actively warning people all around the world about the ongoing fraudulent Hajj 2024/1445h campaigns.

The campaigns create an attractive web page and often call themselves “Certified” or “Approved” by the authorities to gain user trust.

Once they gain the trust of an online user, then they will tell them to deposit some amount to proceed or booking. And when the payment is made, there is no way you can get this money back.

People often look out for cheaper deals for the pilgrimage, which these scammers use to gain their attention, their prices are usually attractive, and almost 50% to 70% less than the standard hajj.

Beware of such websites, campaigns, and platforms. If you want to book for Hajj or Umrah, Nusuk is the only verified platform.

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