Christchurch Attack Report: Police and Intelligence Failed To Prevent The Attack

Christchurch Attack Report
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In a comprehensive Christchurch attack report, it was stated that in New Zealand, there was an incident where 51 Muslim worshippers were killed inside, and questions were raised on how the gunman was able to get through the authorities as he planned out his attack.

On Tuesday, it was revealed by the Royal Commission of inquiry Christchurch attack report that the attacker Brenton Tarrant did not tell anyone about his plans and kept a low profile.

Despite the shortcomings of various agencies, it concluded that there were no proper signs that the attack was nearly aside from the manifesto. Just eight minutes before the gunmen began shooting, Tarrant was sent out, due to which agencies were late for the response.

The report does detail failings in the police system for getting gun licenses. It is also stated that the intelligence agencies of New Zealand were focused so much on the threat posed by Islamic extremism at the expense of other dangers, which included white supremacism.

It is stated by the report among 44 recommendations that they should build a new national intelligence agency.

The report recommended building a new well-financed agency that is more static and can establish a counter-terrorism strategy. New Zealand has one intelligence agency that focuses on domestic threats, while the other focuses on international threats. Those agencies are often focused on immediate events like keeping visits of dignitaries safe.

The liberal prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, stated that the government had agreed to implement all of the recommendations and apologize for the agency’s shortcomings.

Ardern helped push through new laws immediately after the attack, and the deadliest types of semiautomatic weapons were banned. It was stated by the conservative opposition leader Judith Collins that the report’s recommendations need to be scrutinized, and the Nation must treat carefully to safeguard rights and liberties.

A person naming Abdigani Ali, a spokesman for the Muslim Association of Canterbury, described Christchurch’s reports that his community must be kept safe.

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