Extremely Hot Weather Expected During Hajj 2022

Extremely Hot Weather Hajj 2022

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RIYADH — Makkah’s temperature may reach 43 degrees Celsius during the Hajj 2022 season, according to a recent report from the National Center for Meteorology (NCM).

During the upcoming Hijri month of Dhul-Hijjah, the average surface temperature in Makkah is expected to be higher than average with an increase of up to a quarter of a degree, while the rain and winds will be around the average with sandstorms often accompanying.

Dhul Hijjah averages a maximum temperature of 43.2°C during the day and an average minimum temperature of 28.8°C at night.

In Makkah during this month, the highest relative humidity was 93 percent, while the lowest was 6 percent, according to the report.

Average High and Low Temperature in Mecca 2x
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During the month of Dhul Hijjah, the average surface temperatures in Madinah are expected to be higher than the average by up to half a degree, and there will be a lot of rainy days accompanied by winds and sandstorms.

In the summer, the average maximum temperature is 43 ° C, and at night it tends to be relatively mild, with an average minimum temperature of 29.8 ° C, with a low and medium-altitude cloud cover.

Based on the climatic data for Madinah during this month, the highest percentage of relative humidity recorded was 92 percent, while the lowest percentage was 1 percent.

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