Hajj 2024: 1.5 Million Pilgrims Arrived in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia welcomes around 1 million pilgrims via air, land, and sea to perform Hajj this year.
1 Million Pilgrims Arrive in Saudi Arabia
Photo: ekrem osmanoglu

The authorities in Saudi Arabia are dedicated to providing a stress-free entry for all the Hajj pilgrims.

According to the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat), by the end of Sunday, a total of 935,966 pilgrims had entered Saudi Arabia for Hajj 2024.

This number includes those who arrived by air, land, and sea, showcasing the Kingdom’s extensive preparations and its welcoming approach to this important religious event.

The Jawazat has stressed its dedication to making the entry process easier for pilgrims by using advanced technical equipment and improving online platforms at all international ports. These measures are part of a larger effort to provide a smooth and efficient experience for pilgrims coming into Saudi Arabia.

The Hajj pilgrimage is a mandatory act of worship for Muslims who can afford it and are physically able, required to be undertaken at least once in their lifetime.

This year’s large number of pilgrims underscores the global importance of Hajj and highlights Saudi Arabia’s continuous efforts to support and facilitate this key pillar of Islam.

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