France Scheduled to Shut Down 76 More Mosques, 152 Mosques will be Closed

France to Investigate 76 More Mosques After Closing 74 Mosques in France

On Wednesday, It is stated by the country’s minister that France will be inspecting around 76 mosques in the coming days in a vast and unprecedented operation against separatism.

The state services will control and monitor around 76 places of Muslim worship, as told by Gerald Darmanin. There are 16 and 60 in France’s rest in the Paris region, and they may shut down some of the mosques. At Daramanins request, 18 will be targeted by immediate actions.

According to the Le Figaro newspaper, Circular was sent to the country governed by Darmanin to inspect the mosques.

Pressure on Muslim association and mosques have increased after the murder of history teacher Samuel Paty in October.

In the last three years, almost 43 mosques have been closed after President Emanuel Macron took office, as stated by Darmanin on November 3.

In Europe, France is the home to the largest population of Muslims. After Catholicism, Islam is the second-largest religion practiced in the country.

In September, Two people outside the former office of French weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo were killed by knifing, which shocked the international community. The murder of path on October 16 and three people was brutally killed inside Nice’s Notre Dame Basilica on October 29.

After the attacks, the French officials urge to find a scapegoat, and mostly Muslims were targeted.

Critics say that Macron’s government is increasing the spate of violence to force his controversial anti-muslim stance. Since January, the Islamic private schools and at least 76 mosques have been closed by authorities.

The French leader was accused of spreading hate speech. He was remarked as racist by the Egyptian scholars Sunni Islamic institution Al-Azhar.

The president also accused the French leader of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Macron stated that Islam is in a crisis in an open provocation beyond disrespect.

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