France Shuts Down 74 Mosques After Macron Speech

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Another mosque has been closed in France after the beheading of the teacher who showed blasphemous cartoons of Prophet Muhammad, 74 Mosques have been shut down to date. (Updated: 22/Oct/20)

According to Gerald Darmanan, French Interior Minister, at least 73 mosques and private schools have been closed to combat extremist Islam, said on Tuesday.

While talking to a Press conference, Gerald Darmanan said that a mosque and private school located in the Heralt area was closed in October, including nine shops run by Muslims.

The interior minister also suggested to deport extremist nationals from France. This move comes after on growing tensions between Muslims and France.

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Last week Emmanauel Macron, French President called Islam “A religion in Crisis”. Which created a huge uproar.

Macron had also said that the Government will take strict actions to control the schooling and controlling the religion in the region by controlling the foreign funding of Mosques.

He also ensured creating the laws to control France’s muslims to stop redicalization.

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On the other hand, top Muslim scholars have said Macron’s speech is based on Racism. They further said that French President’s remarks will make the lives of Muslims living in France tougher.

After the closure of 73 mosques in France, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan also called out to the French President by saying that his remarks are hurtful for all the Muslims around the world. The Turkish president also accused Macron of “impertinence”.

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A Shabbir Ahmed

Let us Muslim Never Ever Forget that the Crusade War against Muslims originated in france under king louis vi and thereafter continued by king richard of england.

Finally, they were stopped right in their tracks and defeated by Sultan Salahuddin. Sultan Salahuddin also sent his personal physician to attend and cure king richard who had fallen seriously ill when he had laid seige to his kingdom.

We Muslims will get another Noble and Chivalrous Salahuddin in the likes of Mahdi AS to quell this Islamophobia.In Sha’ Allah.


Islam shall continue to grow from strength to strength inshaa Allah

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