Indian Government Declares 97% Muslim Population in Kashmir Hindu

Indian Government Declares 97 percent Muslim Population in Kashmir Hindu

A government website had declared that the conflict-ridden Muslim majority region is now considered a Hindu majority region when fears of demographic invasions ruined life in the Indian side of Kashmir.

The population is predominantly Hindu, whether it’s Kashmir or Jammu, is written under the heading on the temple as described by the InvestJK website, which is run by the commerce and industrial department.

According to the government census data, the Hindu majority is only in the four of Jammu and Kashmir 20 districts, and the rest remaining in the Muslim majority. When considered whole, the Hindus are the majority in the province, but the entire Kashmir valley is Muslim. In Jammu, six of the tenth districts are Muslim majority.

The last census of Jammu and Kashmir was held in 2011, which is held once in a decade. 28.44% of people are represented as Hindus, while 68.31% are Muslim majority. The rest of the minorities are Christians, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists. The website describes the two regions in terms of critics who say reek of religious bias rather than an invitation to prospective investors, besides contracting with the government own population data.

Kashmir is well known For its handcrafts Also its shawls and carpets in particular. This Muslim minority country Is also known for its fertile valley and has a mild climate. The province of Jammu has the largest area covered with Muslims and has diverse geography. Jammu capital is focused on the website. The city is known as the city of temples because the city has been adorned by its funding Dogra rulers with various shrines and temples.

A former professor of law, author and columnist called Skeikh Showkat Hussain said that this demographic description on a government website was not innocent. According to him, behind this falsification of the facts, one will not rule out a hidden agenda. He told the Anadolu Agency that this demographic description on the website of government was not innocent.

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