Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Blocking Jerusalem Posts

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Blocking Jerusalem Posts

Posts are deleted, and hashtags are removed on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook related to the recent incident which took place in occupied Jerusalem. 

An independent website called Mondoweiss provides information about the developments in Israel and Palestine regarding US policy posted on Twitter that posts had been censored related to Sheikh Jarrah on Instagram and Facebook for the past few days. 

A retweeted post said that posts had been limited with the hashtag Jerusalem in Arabic and English on Instagram. 

The users criticized social media on Twitter for censoring contents regarding Sheikh Jarrah. 

NewPress states that currently, Twitter is fighting the Palestinian content, which shows the incident in Jerusalem, displacing Palestinian from the neighbourhood of Sheikh Jarrah. Moreover, it said that the Twitter administration banned its English account. 

An entire post was deleted by Instagram, which showed what was happening in Palestine as told by another Twitter user.

Aryeh King, the Deputy Mayor and Settler activist of occupied Jerusalem, was caught on camera telling a Palestinian activist from East Jerusalem called Muhammad Abu Hummus that he felt pity because the bullet did not strike his head. 

In recent days, In Jerusalem, the Palestinians, along with residents of Sheikh Jarrah, protested in solidarity which leads to clashes with the police of Israel. 

At the beginning of 2021, in East Jerusalem, the protests came as the Israeli central court approved a decision to reject seven families of Palestine from their homes, favouring Israeli settlers. 

At the mosque, Masjid Al-Aqsa Damascus gate of the old city and neighbourhood in Jerusalem the Sheikh Jarrah, the number of injured people rose to 205 on late Friday. 

The Israeli police dispersed the worshippers as they started using gas bombs and stun grenades inside the Sharif area of the mosque Al-Aqsa. 
In the mosque Al-Aqsa, Muslim worshippers were attacked by the police while they were offering Taraweeh, which are special night prayers performed in the holy month of Ramadan. 

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