Saudi Arabia Introduces Electronic Visit Visa for Pilgrims from Turkey

Turkey enters the list of Electronic Visit Visa provider for Umrah.
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Image Credit: Jorge Franganillo

JEDDAHThe process of getting a visa online has been introduced in several countries worldwide.

Electronic Visit Visa is indeed a hassle-free visa application process that provides numerous other benefits to the pilgrims who intend to perform Umrah. This time the country that enters the list of Electronic Visit Visa providers for Umrah is Turkey 

Umrah to Saudi Arabia is more than a journey. It is the dream of many individuals who pray to embark on a sacred journey to visit the Kaaba and the Rawdah of Muhammad (SAWW).

The process of getting a visa for Umrah in Turkey which had been tiring in the past has now shifted to a more accessible and efficient manner with the introduction of the Electronic Visit Visa

Now pilgrims from Turkey can obtain their visit visa through online application in the comfort and ease of their homes.

Procedure to Get an Electronic Visit Visa

  • Visit the Saudi visa website online.
  • Fill out the application carefully and ensure that the information is correct.
  • Pay the Umrah Visa fees via PayPal or your debit card.
  • Upload your relevant required documents if any (vaccination certificates, passport), and submit the application.

You will receive the Electronic Visit Visa for Umrah once your application is verified

Eligibility Criteria 

Below are some crucial points to note in case you are interested in applying for the Umrah Visa online to ensure a smoother application process;

  1. Only Umrah performers above 18 years of age can apply for this visa.
  2. The validity of your recent passport must be at least six months otherwise you will be considered ineligible for the Electronic Visit Visa.

Benefits of Electronic Visit Visa System 

Electronic Visit Visa along with being an accessible and hassle-free way to perform Umrah for the Turkish people has also brought to the table numerous other benefits which include:

  • Performing the Umrah rituals and visiting the Rawdah of Muhammad (SAWW) easily as the Visa process offers a smooth application process.
  • Get flexibility in planning your Umrah journey as the Electronic Visit Visa has a validity of 12 months.
  • Long-term stay at the holy place as an Electronic Visit Visa allows a stay for up to 90 days.
  • Payment of fees from the comfort of your home via debit credit card or PayPal 

If you intend to perform Umrah from the Republic of Turkey, the recent introduction of the Electronic Visit Visa by the Saudi government is an incredible opportunity. It has streamlined the visa application providing the pilgrims with a hassle-free process. 

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