Drones To Be Used For Medical Purposes in Hajj 2024

Saudi health authorities to use drones for blood delivery during Hajj 1445, to enhance pilgrim care and emergency response.
Photo: Ricardo Gomez Angel

Saudi Arabia to implement drone blood transport for Hajj 2024/1445.

As the Saudi Authority starts preparation for Hajj 2024, it has been revealed that drones will be used for transporting blood during the Hajj season this year.

Reports received from Saudi Arabia’s health authorities state that this approach aims to transport laboratory samples and blood units between the hospitals located in Mina Valley and Arafat both of which are bustled with a large amount of pilgrims.

Last year, the Saudi Ministry of Health collaborated with the Saudi Post (SPL) to conduct a successful drill demonstrating the viability of using drones for blood transport around the holy sites near Makkah.

Following this successful trial, the official implementation of the drone project has been approved. By utilizing drones, authorities aim to enhance the quality of health services provided to pilgrims and improve emergency response capabilities during the massive gatherings at the annual pilgrimage.

Compared to traditional methods, drone transport significantly reduces the time required for blood transport. Instead of a journey lasting two and a half hours, blood units can now reach their destination in just two minutes. It is expected that the use of drones will streamline the process and will increase the efficiency of medical services during the annual pilgrimage.

The Saudi Authority of Hajj and Umrah is making these arrangements in light of the reports that indicate an increase in the number of pilgrims by a good percentage as compared to last year.

In the year 2023, as the situation returned to normal after COVID-19, it was estimated that around 2 million pilgrims performed Hajj.

With Hajj 2024 approaching, new regulations have been introduced by the Saudi Authority. As per these regulations, no specific allocations of space will be provided for different countries at the holy sites. As per the Saudi Minister of Hajj, Tawfiq Al Rabiah, these allocations will only be based on finalized contracts.

By embracing technological advancements like drone transportation for medical purposes, Saudi Arabia demonstrates its commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of pilgrims undertaking this prestigious journey.

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