Cyclone Mocha Kills 400 Rohingya Muslims and 10,000 Homes Destroyed

Cyclone Mocha

A powerful cyclone Mocha has devastated the Rohingya Muslim community in Rakhine state in Myanmar, one of the strongest storms in recent years.


  • Cyclone Mocha devastates Rohingya Muslim community in Myanmar
  • At least 400 people killed, and 10,000 homes destroyed
  • Rohingya rights group calls for international aid

Wind speeds up to 210 kilometers per hour (130 miles per hour) were recorded as the storm made landfall on Sunday, May 15. In addition to destroying many Rohingya villages, it caused thousands to be displaced.

Over 10,000 homes were destroyed and at least 400 people were killed in the storm, according to the Arakan Rohingya National Alliance (ARNA). ARNA’s estimates are likely to be accurate, even though the Myanmar government hasn’t released any official figures.

For decades, the Myanmar government has persecuted the Rohingya Muslim minority. In addition to being denied citizenship and basic rights, they are often abused and discriminated against.

The Rohingya have been hit by a series of disasters in recent years, including Cyclone Mocha. Over one hundred thousand Rohingya people fled to neighboring Bangladesh in 2017 after Myanmar’s military launched a brutal crackdown on the group.

Aid is desperately needed for the Rohingya. The ARNA has asked the international community to help survivors of Cyclone Mocha by providing food, water, shelter, and medical care.

Here are some ways you can contribute:

  • Make a contribution to a Rohingya relief organization.
  • Raise awareness about the Rohingya refugee crisis.
  • Contact your elected officials and ask them to help the Rohingya.

The Rohingya are tough people who have been through a lot in recent years. They require our assistance now more than ever.

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