Complaint Lodged Against Pakistani Cricketer Rizwan For Praying In Stadium In India

A complaint has been registered against Muhammad Rizwan for praying on the ground and dedicating his victory to the people of Gaza.
Muhammad Rizwan
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MUMBAI – An Indian lawyer has filed a complaint against the famous Pakistani Cricketer calling for the ICC to take strict actions against Muhammad Rizwan for his condemnable act of praying on the cricket field and his statements of dedicating his victory to the people of Gaza.

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Muhammad Rizwan finds himself in trouble for the second time as an Indian lawyer, advocate Vineet Jindal filed a complaint with the International Cricket Council (ICC) against him for performing his namaz on the cricket field.

Muhammad Rizwan FIR in INDIA
Muhammad Rizwan FIR in INDIA 2

Solidarity with Gaza

Reports indicate that Muhammad Rizwan prayed namaz on the field after an astonishing victory against Sri Lanka, as he dedicated his performance to the innocent people of Gaza, in the light of the ongoing devastating conflict between Hamas and Israel.

In the complaint, it was stated that Muhammad Rizwan, Pakistani Cricket was observed praying namaz on 6th October 2023 during an ongoing match between Pakistan and Netherlands. It further stated that this act by the crickets depicted that it was indeed intentional and thus this goes against the spirit of sports.

The advocate argued that this act raises questions about the ideology the player follows while playing the match. It was further mentioned that this act of religious representation by the Cricketer followed by his statements of dedication to his Victory to Gazians attests to his political ideology

The advocate further stated that this is not the only time Muhammad Rizwan was observed praying on the ground but it has also been observed back in 2023 when the Pakistani team defeated India in the ICC T20 World Cup by 10 wickets.

It was also mentioned that this act of Muhammad Rizwan was appreciated by a former Pakistani bowler Waqar Younis. Mr Vineet expressed his furious views in the complaint blaming the famous Pakistani Cricketer for using sports to flaunt his religion.

After registering the complaint  Vineet Jindal, the Indian lawyer urged the ICC to take strict and swift actions against Muhammad Rizwan.

Added to this reports of Zainab Abbas leaving India have also been received.

It has been reported that the famous Pakistani sports presenter faced threats after an FIR was registered against her for citing her old tweets which led Zainab to immediately leave India.

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