Caricatures of Prophet Muhammad PBUH isn’t Freedom of Speech, Canadian PM

Caricatures of Prophet Muhammad PBUH isnt Freedom of Speech Canadian PM

Justin Trudeau the Canadian PM does not support his French Counterpart Emmanuel Macron who continues terrorism and makes cartoons related to religious facts including the Muslim Prophet Muhammed.

According to the Prime Minister of Canada, there is no reason for doing unnecessary things that may hurt people.

The Prime Minister of Canada is in opposition to France for the creation of caricatures.


The attacks against Charlie Hebdo were the excuse to create the cartoons of Muhammed in France which had upset and encouraged the terrorists to act in 2015. In the earlier last few weeks, there had been multiple knife attacks and some believe that it is due to that gesture. The murder of teacher Samuel Paty also happened after viewing the cartoons of Prophet to his students.

In the conclusion of all of this Emmanuel Macron declared that France will not back off from making caricatures drawings but the prime minister of Canada is not on his side.

According to Mr.Trudeau, Canadian PM, he will surely defend freedom of expression but the freedom of expression is also limited he further said that there are always limits and in a diverse respectful society like ours, we must be careful and aware of the impact of our actions and words on others or these communities and populations will have to face a huge amount of discrimination.

The freedom of expression must be done with concern and respect for others and also be careful to not hurt anyone in an unnecessary or in a random manner as stated by the Prime Minister of Canada.

Further, the Prime Minister stated that the creation of the caricature no matter how good it maybe it is still not applicable in the debate moreover he adds that it is a matter of respect not to intentionally hurt anyone.

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