Khabib Shuts Up French PM Macron In His Latest Post

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UFC Lightweight Champion from Russia, Khabib Shuts up French President Emmanuel Macron as the PM comes under attack from Muslim World.

The terror alert level has been raised to Maximum in France after the series of Killings and Increasing violence after the Freedom of Speech concerns in France after the support for caricatures of Prophet Muhammad by French PM.

Khabib Nurmagomedov from the Republic of Dagestan has shared a post on his Instagram account which is followed by more than 25 million people.

Khabib also quoted a verse from the Holy Quran. On Thursday, a guy carrying a knife killed three people in Nice, France, Macron called the attack “Islamic Terrorist Attack” which further escalated the tensions between Muslims and the French Government.

khabib about macron

This spree of tensions was initiated by French Magazine Charlie Hebdo after they published Prophet Muhammad cartoons on Magazine and on French Buildings.

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Khabib is among the most influential Muslims all around the world and a big name in the world of athletics.

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May Almighty Allah keeps you, macron and his folks are. shame to humanity

A Shabbir Ahmed

With the growing Islamophobia across the globe, sleeper cells of racism, fascism and inhumanity are stumbling out of their cupboards,

We Muslims have to watch out for these sleeper cells all around us. There are so many of them around hiding under the cloak of secularism.

Macron is yet another of these sleeper cells which has surfaced like modi, trump, xi xinping and scores of other hypocrites who are in power and are fooling heir citizens

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