Bangladesh would remove Islam as state religion, says the state minister of Information

Bangladesh would remove Islam as state religion
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Not long after the religious violence occurred in Bangladesh, the Bangladeshi Minister of Information, Murad Hassan, issued a shocking statement. Murad stated that Bangladesh would return to its original secular constitution of 1972 proposed by the Founding Father of the Nation, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, and remove Islam as the state religion.

In the same statement, Hassan added that they have the blood of freedom fighters in their bodies and, in any case, will continue to fight for Bangladesh to return to the 72′ constitution. He plans to speak in parliament to return to Bangabandhu’s (Sheikh Mujibur) constitution, even if no one speaks.

After Sheikh Mujibur, the unconstitutional military regime succeeded in seizing state power, changing the original secular constitution of Bangladesh, and making any amendments. Islam was made the state religion through constitutional amendments under General HM Irsyad in the late 1980s.

Hassan argues that Islam is not a state religion, and Bangladesh is a secular country that allows everyone to practice their faith here. He added that the new bill would soon be passed under the current Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina.

The amendment is expected to run smoothly without any oppose given the ruling Lalai League party is currently dominating the parliament.

Hasan also did not hesitate to slam the former military dictator for incorporating Islam as the state religion in the constitution and criticized his political opponents Jammat-e-Islami and the Bangladesh Nationalist Party for inciting violence using religion to divide the country.

The statement came shortly after communal violence in  Bangladesh, leaving several people dead and others injured. Dozens of Hindu community properties such as shops, temples, and houses were attacked by unidentified men after photos of the desecration of the Quran at the Hindu Durga Puja Festival went viral on social media.

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