17 Muslims dead, More than 500 Injured in Anti Modi Protests in Bangladesh

4 Muslims dead By Police Firing in Anti Modi Protests in Bangladesh

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DHAKA: On the arrival of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bangladesh, citizens protested and slaughtered cows, during which 17 people were killed and several dozen injured by police firing and baton charges.

fire bangladesh protests
Munir Uz Zaman/AFP/Getty Images

According to the international news agency Reuters, Bangladesh is celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Independence for which Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina invited Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and he arrived in Dhaka on a two-day visit. Demonstrations took place across the country, but the largest was in Chittagong, Bangladesh, where thousands took to the streets to protest.

Protesters chanted slogans against Modi’s central role in the anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat. Gujarat’s butcher “Modi go back” protestors raised banners.

bangladesh protests muslims

Protesters against the ban on cow slaughter in various states during Modi’s rule slaughtered a cow on the main highway in Dhaka’s red zone.

go modi go posters in bangladesh

Angry protesters Chittagong police have fired rubber bullets to disperse, tear gas shelling, and police also charged the baton with killing four demonstrators and wounded several dozen. Police also arrested 15 demonstrators.

It is reported that this big protest of Chittagong was being carried out by a religious organization called Hifazat-e-Islami during which the police opened fire.

Access to Social Media Blocked

The Government of Bangladesh has blocked the access to social media to slow down the protests and the news about the police attacks in the country.

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