Azaan Given In 100 Mosques of Germany and Netherland Amid Coronavirus

azaan 100 mosques of germany netherlands

About 100 mosques in the Netherlands and in Germany on Friday surrounded the cities with the sound of Azaan (Call to prayer), to show the support for Islam during the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

The azaan echoed the cities from the mosques the belong to Turkish-Muslims’ group called DITIB and IGMG (Islamic Community National View), which one of the biggest Germany’s Turkish Muslim associations.

DITIB representative, Fahrettin Alptekin in Essen, Germany while talking to Anadolu Agency told that the Azaan was called from over 50 mosques in Germany.

Fahrettin Alptekin added more to this report that Azaan (Adhan) broadcasted on loudspeakers is not allowed in Germany, except when there is a special occasion.

On the other hand, in the Netherlands calling Azaan on loudspeakers getting more common in the country to promote solidarity to fight Coronavirus. This trend was started by Pakistan, where the residents say Azaan at 10 pm every day.

Germany is the worst hit Coronavirus country after Spain and Italy. The coronavirus death toll in Germany rose to 1,230 as of Friday, meanwhile Death toll in the Netherlands has crossed 1,487.

After the virus was first discovered in Wuhan, China back in October, the coronavirus has now over 1 million active cases all around the world.

As per the Data collected by Johns Hopkins University confirmed that there are more than 1 million active cases of coronavirus all around the world with more than 58,000 death from COVID-19. But also confirmed that more than 225,000 people have been also recovered from this disease.

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