Azaan Called All Across Pakistan at 10 pm To Seek Ease in Coronavirus

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At 10 pm, Azaan has been called in all mosques in Pakistan to combat coronavirus, the azaan has been heard by millions.

Azaan was called to ask Allah for his mercy and to protect every deadly disease. Famous Pakistani scholar Moulana Bashir Farooqui had requested Pakistanis to call Azaan at 10 PM.

He also said that people should come on their rooftops while being home quarantined and say the azaan.

Pakistani nationals complied with Maulana Bashir Ahmed Farooqui’s request for it and the azaan can be heard from all the mosques.

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Along with Azaan, people also came on their rooftops. To ease pain in the hour of suffering caused by the Covid-19 outbreak Moulana suggested people follow the teaching of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, as He (PBUH) used to call Azaan at the difficult times.

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Shaheel Mohammed

Is the adhan sunnah? Any source?


For how many times say azan

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