Famous Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi Left Showbiz To Preach Islam

Hamza Ali Abbasi Leave Showbiz Islam

Famous Pakistani actor, Hamza Ali Abbasi announced in a long video posted on Youtube that he is leaving Showbiz and decided to preach the message of Allah to the world.

A few days back he also said that he had to take a big decision which he will announce by the end of October.

Upon his return to social media, he posted a video on his youtube with a statement that he is leaving the entertainment industry.

He posted a 23 minutes long video “From Atheism to Islam.” in which he talked about the different phases of life he has been through.

Hamza Ali Abbasi Left Showbiz for Islam

He thanked people for loving his shows and supporting him throughout his career but added that he has been thinking about the “purpose” of his life.

He said I will not achieve anything for the day of Judgement if he kept thinking about showbiz or politics.

He said he is proud of what he has achieved but these achievements would mean nothing to his grandchildren if he dies.

He said that the major things he will be doing from now on is Charity and Serving humanity any way he can. He also claimed that he wants to spend the rest of his life spreading the word of Allah and the teaching of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.

Hamza also said he is leaving Showbiz for the happiness of Allah SWT. He also said that the reason he made a long video to make it clear that in future he won’t be interested in any sort of videos or advertisements.

Hamza Ali Abbasi will be talking about Islam in a video series he will be launching on his youtube channel soon.

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