1 Year Wait Rule For Riaz Ul Jannah’s Appointment Removed

Visitors to Riaz Ul Jannah no longer need to wait a year between appointments, thanks to changes in the Nusuk app booking system.
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Great news for those planning to visit Riaz Ul Jannah, the Rawdah of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in Madinah. The previously strict rule requiring a 365-day wait between appointments has been lifted.

Visitors still need to book a slot through the Nusuk app, but they can now make multiple bookings without waiting an entire year between visits.

This change has brought relief to many pilgrims. For example, Saad Rana expressed concerns about those who had saved money all their lives to visit Madinah, only to be denied entry to the Rawdah due to a missed appointment and the former year-long waiting period.

A pilgrim who visited Madinah in April shared his experience of being denied entry to the Rawdah after missing his appointment and the heartbreak of being unable to reschedule for another year. He expressed his gratitude for the recent update, saying, “Alhamdulillah, I am glad they reconsidered the 365-day rule.

The new policy ensures that more visitors can fulfill their spiritual aspirations without facing long delays, enhancing their overall pilgrimage experience. The Nusuk app continues to streamline the booking process, ensuring that everyone gets a chance to visit this sacred site.

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