Naked Man Trying To Open The Door Of Kaaba, Arrested By Saudi Police

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Naked man had been arrested by Saudi police while he was trying to open the main door of the Holy Kaaba. Video inside the article.

Every now and then there is always something happening at the holy Kaaba. Recently we have seen a man throwing Petrol on Holy Kaaba. It was something to worry about for the entire Muslim Ummah.

Meanwhile, During the month of Ramadan, people have committed suicide inside the Mataf of Masjid Al Haram.

Now a video has been going viral which shows an Umrah pilgrim, (Naked man) seen wearing Irham climbing up to the door of Holy Kaaba. You can watch in the video that he climbed up and got naked and later on arrested by the Saudi forces. While, he got his Ihram back and started wearing again.

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When all of this was happening a policeman also climbed up the Kaaba to arrest him. Later police released the notification that the pilgrim did it on a purpose and will be pushed heavily for the act he committed by disrespecting holy Kaaba. Police is trying to find out more culprits who brainwashed this pilgrim to commit this act.

It is not been cleared that the person was mentally ill or something else, this is still unclear that he was mentally ill. While, police has charged him with heavy criminal charges and he is waiting to bear the Punishment.

Watch the video showing the naked person climbing up the door of Holy Kaaba

This is wrong on many levels, this is the 10th video that went viral about the Holy Kaaba, and it is something to worry about. There is obviously some extra mile Saudi Government should go to eradicate the events like these. And this is something which needs to be controlled before it even gets worse.

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