Muslims Forced To Eat Pork and Drink In Chinese Re-Education Camps

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Re-Education Camps in China for muslims is putting enormous amount of psychological pressure to make them eat pork and drink.

Omir Bekali, was one of the million people reportedly arrested and had been taken into re-education camps for Muslims. He claimed that reeducation camps feels like prison which you can not escape.

Omir Bekali said that he was made to stand five hours a day and has not been given food for about 24 hours some times. Bekali also said that after 20 days in so called “Re Education Camps” a person would want to be dead instead of reeducating Muslims.

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These camps have been a nightmare for Muslims living in China. Recent reports a chaos in China by Uyghur Muslims recently, which ended up Muslims being send into reeducation camps where the Chinese government can “Brainwash” or “Redefine Islam” to the practicing muslims.

As per the new reports, about a million Muslim have been taken into these camps, and the media coverage is restricted in these areas, and no one can cover what is happening to these people.


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