China Is Demolishing A Mosque, 1 Million Uyghur Muslims Are Protesting

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Uyghur Muslims are the Chinese Hui Muslim minority and they are protesting because China has decided to demolish a mosque without taking any official approval.

Weizhou Grand Mosque finished its construction in 2017, And the mosque administration came to know that China will be demolishing it this upcoming Friday.

China is facing a huge amount of criticism as the government wants to “Re-Educate” Uyghur Muslims. And demolishing this mosque is a part of their agency to oppress this Muslim minority.

A video shows Hui Muslims gathering at the Weizhou Grand Mosque to stop the Chinese government to stop the demolition of this Mosque. Protestors were holding Chinese flags, showing support to Communist Party and want the government to stop it.

Ningxia is removing all the things they can to stop Islam to come to China.

Chinese Communist Party Commission claims that the Weizhou Grand Mosque had been illegally built in the year 2016. They said the Mosque administration failed to give the relevant documents and is being built from foreign donations.

While the Mosque administration answered: “In the recent two years, no government authorities came up and asked us to stop building works”.

Furthermore, the Mosque administration said that the government stayed silent, and we built this mosque legally, and the Chinese government is doing it on purpose to oppress Muslims in China.

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Reuters claimed that the Chinese government extended the time to demolish the Weizhou Grand Mosque not this friday but after few days, but they have clearly not backed down from the idea of demolishing Weizhou Grand Mosque.

So for few days, about 1 million Uyghur Muslims are protesting in front of Weizhou Grand Mosque, trying their best to stop the Chinese government to opress Islam by demolishing Weizhou Grand Mosque, the situation is getting very critical in that Chinese region.

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