Muslims develop therapy against homosexuality

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In Malaysia, Muslim youth were attracted to developing effective methods of spiritual and psychological rehabilitation of people with deviations in sexual orientation and anomalies of gender identity.

At the University of Science in Malaysia, a contest recently titled “Back to Fitra” (Fitra – in Islam, the primordial nature of man) was recently announced, within which students can compete for a good purpose – instruction in the way of morality for those who are entangled in their sexual inclinations and think about “Sex change”. In the university mosque library, sophomore Abdul-Hadi Radzi studies literature related to the subject of the study.

“We are trying to educate people,” he explains, quoting IslamNews , citing NBC News . “This is our way to fix LGBT people.” Do not pursue them. Do not judge them, “the student explains.

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The contestants developed a diverse design of posters with instructions and psychological advice for peers gravitating towards LGBT people and the methodology of psychological and social work with them.

It should be noted that in the Muslim society homosexuality is considered a spiritual ailment, requiring correction through religious education and psychological support, subject to such inclinations.


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