Israel Closes Al-Aqsa Mosque For Muslims

Muslim entry into Mosque Al Aqsa banned by the Israeli forces.
Al Aqsa Mosque
Image Credit: Asim Bharwani

JERUSALEM – As a consequence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Israeli soldiers have denied the Muslims their right to pray at Mosque Al Aqsa while also violating the Status quo agreement.

Reports from the Palestinian State News Agency (WAFA) indicate that the Israeli forces have denied Muslims the right to pray at Mosque Al Aqsa.

The news was further confirmed by the Islamic Waqf department which oversees this holy site.

The Department also confirmed a violation of the Status quo at the mosque when the Jews were allowed to carry out their worship rituals in the compound by the Israeli police. However, as per the status quo agreement, only Muslims are allowed to pray in that compound.

Israeli forces have suddenly closed all its gates to the holy site denying Palestinians access to Mosque Al Aqsa. This action is the consequence of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has been taking place for the past 19 days.

Israeli forces are carrying out widespread genocide of Palestinian men, women, and children. This has resulted in over 9,000 deaths and countless injuries. Moreover, 1.4 million Palestinians are now homeless as a result of severe Israeli airstrikes which have turned the beautiful homes in Gaza to rubble.

The health ministry in Gaza has alerted that the healthcare system is on the verge of collapsing due to the Israeli government’s blockade on medical supplies, and water which has become even more severe.

As the city continues to echo from the sounds of bombs and the gates of mosque Al Aqsa being closed is a concerning situation for Muslims worldwide. Mosque Al Aqsa holds immense importance as a holy site for Muslims due to several reasons. Any harm to it is unacceptable to Muslims.

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