Muslim Woman Married To Two Men At Same Time, Violates Islamic Law

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Polygamy is strictly prohibited in Islam, yet this Saudi Woman managed to get married to two men at the same time. Which enraged all the Muslims.

Living in a strict country like Saudi Arabia and violating rules of Islam can get you the worst possible punishment. But this woman broke all the Islamic laws which rules polygamy as prohibited by marrying two men at the same time.

Marriage means a bond between two people who share their lives together until their last breath. And face the ups and downs of life together.

As per shariah law, a woman can only be married to one man at a time, and if she wishes to marry someone else she has to divorce her husband, complete Iddat period and marry whoever she wills. But then some people do stupid things which not just only insults Muslim values but also Islamic values.

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A father of a bride in Saudi Arabia made the same mistake. As per the news and reports that a father has remarried a daughter to another man without getting a divorce from her first husband. And surprisingly the father remarried her daughter without even telling her first husband.

Angry ? Many muslims all around the world are angry for such an act by a father. Before her second marriage she was already married to her Cousin.

After her first husband found out about her second marriage, he called up on her wife’s second husband to know the truth and reality behind it as he never divorced his wife.

After the truth got unveiled, both men failed a lawsuit against bride’s father. When Saudi police took the father in, he had the audacity to declare himself INNOCENT. The father said that his daughter divorced her first husband but due to financial crisis he couldn’t file to divorce papers.

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Father further said that there were severe financial issues between my daughter and her first husband, which later denied by her first husband. Reporting to Saudi Gazette, the span of marriage between these two were not too long, but she was still married to two men at the same time.

Saudi forces ensures the worst punishment for the father as he clearly violated the law, and remarried without telling the second husband that his daughter already married to someone.

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