Science Backed The Islamic Logic Of Iddat, Woman Waiting For 3 Months

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Iddat is a period in which a woman has to face in case if her husband dies or she gets a divorce. The time duration of Iddat is 4 Months and 10 Days.

Iddat for Widowed Women

Iddat for widowed women comes with some uncommon conditions. During her Iddah, hse should stay inside her house and should never face any stranger (Na Mehram) until she finishes her Iddah. The length of the Iddat period for a widow is four months and 10 days and in case if she is pregnant, then her iddat ends as she delivers the Baby.

In the Quran, it is mentioned;

iddat in Quran
Source: Surah Al-Talaq: 4

Iddat for Divorced Women

A divorced women Iddah is different from a widowed one because she has to stay home. She can not step out of the house, but if she is the only one earning for the family then she can go out. A divorced woman should be away from an intercourse for about three clean mensurational periods. Because there can’t be any divorce when she is menstruating.

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The iddah time for a divorced woman should be spent without intercourse is 3 menstrual cycle which is equal to 3 months.

In the Quran, it is mentioned;

iddat divorce woman in Quran
Source: Surah Al-Talaq: 65/1

Speaking of it, a woman, Nausheen Shahzad on Facebook added a post in which Nausheen Shahzad claimed how science supports the logic of Iddat. Have a look!

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