MTV Girl Converts To Islam and Performs Hajj After Inspiring From Pakistani PM Imran Khan

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PM Imran Khan is a newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan and after few days of taking an oath, he made MTV Presenter Kristiane Backer accept Islam.

Imran Khan is now a fresh Prime Minister of Pakistan. As many people know he is one of the top cricketers’ cricket ever witnessed. He also initiated a philanthropy projected called Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research Centre to provide cancer care of world class for FREE OF COST to all cancer patients and build Namal College to provide FREE OF COST world-class education to the poor people of Pakistan.

Meanwhile, Kristiane Backer was the post charming author, MTV television presenter as well as a television journalist. Kristiane Backer claimed in a recent interview that it was Imran Khan, who is now the Prime Minister of Pakistan influenced her to come to Islam. Despite making fun, she took his consideration seriously and saw him practicing Islam and that lead her to accept Islam.

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PM Imran Khan is although now a Prime Minister of Pakistan who is now running the country but he is fighting some big corrupt people including Nawaz Sharif and Zardari who belongs to PMLN  and PPP. Recent two governments owned by  Nawaz Sharif and Zardari left the country in shambles and PM Imran Khan is helping Pakistanis to get their economy back on track.

This video shows how Thankful Kristiane Backer is to Imran Khan for making her realize how beautiful Islam really is. You can watch this video to know more.

Watch what she has to say

A Pakistani journalist and TV Anchor Moeed Pirzada took Kristine Backer on his show on Express News to get more into it and he was amazed to find how Imran Khan helped her in converting to Islam.

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