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Surah Waqiah

Each surah contained in the Holy Quran has its virtue, as well as Surah Waqiah. Surah Waqiah is one of the most frequently read surah by Prophet Muhammad as it contains many virtues.

The scholars stated that the virtue of reading surah Waqiah every night would be facilitated and fulfilled by Allah SWT and kept away from poverty.

Commonly referred to as “Surah of Wealth”, surah Waqiah brings abundance and prosperity, as well as protecting you from poverty. Spending a few minutes a day reading it will get you unlimited rewards.

However, it is not only material wealth that will be obtained from reading this surah. In this context, the meaning of “kept away from poverty” also has a general meaning. Therefore, the meaning of protecting from poverty is related not only materially but also spiritually, such as poverty of the heart or morals referring to disbelief.

Surah Al Waqiah itself is the 56th chapter of the Quran. Linguistically, Al Waqiah comes from Arabic, which means “day of judgment/inevitable”. This surah consists of 96 verses and is categorized as a Makki surah. The naming of the surah Waqiah comes from the word Al Waaqi’ah which is found in the first verse in this surah.

Surah Al Waqiah was revealed to remind and explain the coming of the Day of Judgment to Muslims. In addition, this surah also contains information about the creation of humans, fire, and all kinds of plants, which also explains the power of Allah SWT and the existence of true resurrection.

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This surah does not take more than 5 minutes to read, so it is very easy for most people to incorporate it into their routine. In a number of hadiths, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) advises us to recite it at night or during the Fajr prayers. Therefore you can read it between Maghrib and Isha prayers before going to bed and Fajr prayers.

However, besides being able to launch sustenance and protects someone from poverty, Surah Waqiah has other benefits, namely:

  • Makes it easier for the spirit to get out of the body
  • Healed from various diseases
  • Get peace of mind and body
  • Get Shafa’ah (intercession) on the Day of Judgment.

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