Ramadan Fasting In The Country Where Sun Never Goes Down

Ramadan Fasting In The Country Where Sun Never Goes Down

Imagine fasting in the country where never goes down, it is not just one country but there is a number of countries where the sun never sets.

Al Jazeera did a great video on the families who are fasting in an unbelievable situation, and their fast is usually longer than other Muslims fasting all around the world.

Watch this video how this family is fasting in the country where the sun never goes down!

We at The Islamic Information strives to give you the information which is enticing and things that Muslims should know about.

Adding more to this story, Finland is not the only country where the sun never goes down, but that includes more countries.

These are the countries where sun never sets

  • Norway
  • Canada
  • Alaska
  • Iceland
  • Sweden
  • Finland

This list doesn’t mean that sun never set all over these countries, to be noted that there are some cities in the countries (discussed above) where the sun never sets. To get more grip of which cities those are, watch the video.

Isn’t that interesting? It is amazing to see such miracles of Allah all around the world and we’re glad that Muslims are not forgetting the remembrance of Allah no matter what the situation is.

Fasting in Ramadan becomes very tough in the regions. Because one lost track of time when it is 3 am at night but you can see the sun out of your window and when it is Iftar time, then you could still see the sun. In this case, these Muslims select a period of time and fast according to that. They decide a schedule before starting Ramadan and then act upon it.

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